What is a Cell Phone Lookup Numbers Service?

Tracking down someone's cell phone number is a task that can be described as very difficult at best and almost impossible at worst. This is simply because there are no white pages or phone directories that contain comprehensive record of information of all cell phone numbers and users in the country. While prank calling is a common scenario nowadays, identifying someone's identity via cell phone number is not an easy task to undertake. Not unless if you would use a specialized reverse cell phone lookup numbers service also known as reverse phone lookup service.

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Reverse cell phone lookup service is a kind of service that you can use if you want or need to look for the personal information, such as name and address, of someone who owns a specific cellular number. This is practically of so much use especially if the phone number cannot be found in phone directories or white pages. Reverse cell phone look up services are legal services that are provided online by some information companies. These information companies are purchasing legal rights to various mobile operators and companies to allow them to gain access to the wide subscriber databases of the mobile company. This gives the reverse cell phone look up service provider the capability to provide useful and private information about a certain cell phone user to whoever who wish to have them, given that it will be used for legal purposes. These services are usually used to aid authorities in cases of prank callings and phone threats that are prevalent these days.

Is Reverse Cell Phone Lookup a Paid Service?

Yes, a reverse cell phone lookup service is a paid service. Cell phone lookup numbers service providers are usually in agreement with the mobile operators and phone companies which prohibits them from providing the cell phone user's personal information publicly for free. This is anchored on the underlying reason to protect the welfare of the cell phone subscribers and ensure that the information will be utilized for legal purposes. In line with this, anyone who wants to use the service is required to have a valid credit card or PayPal account to register and use these services.

In addition to this, reverse cell phone lookup service providers are paying to gain access to mobile company's subscriber databases

Are There Free Options

For those people, however, who do not want to go for paid reverse cell phone look up services, there is a free reverse cell phone lookup numbers service option that they may use. This free service is usually provided by search engine operators like Yahoo or Google. By simply entering the ten digit phone number on the search bar, search engine results may provide some valuable information as to the personal data of the person whom you wish to identify. It should be noted, however, that free reverse look up services usually obtain public information through databases that are from white pages and phone directories as well. It is for this reason that most people fail to find the results that they need and opt for a paid reverse lookup service instead.